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Social Work & Human Services: Links

Evaluating Sources

Although librarians have carefully compiled these sources, there is no substitute for your own evaluation. Use the following guides to help you.

Research Centres & Institutes



Social Work Profession


Gateways & Portals


Children & Youth

Crisis & Trauma



Poverty and Welfare

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Improving Your Googling

To avoid searching through endless unreliable websites, improve your google searches from the start.

Use these as part of your search:

  • (to search only U.S. universities), e.g. "teenage pregnancy" statistics
  • (to search only UK Universities), e.g childhood poverty statistics
  • (to search the US gov website.)
  • (to search the Canadian gov website.)
  • (to search organizations)

    Also include words like disseration, thesis, or pdf to bring up more reliable documents. One final point, if you are searching a phrase, use quotation marks e.g., "social policy" "partner abuse"

    Try "social policy" pdf

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