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BUS 100, Introduction to Business: Preparing Your Presentation

This guide is your road map to completing your BUS 100 project. We can't possibly list every resource you might need, or anticipate every stumbling block, but we've included the ones that address most companies and situations. If in doubt, ask for help.


Tips and resources for creating a killer business presentation.

Books on Slide Design

Your group's presentation represents a significant portion of your grade, and you'll want to make sure that it is effective. This includes the organization of your presentation, as well as your supporting materials (i.e., slides). The following resources will help you develop your presentation.

Designing an Effective Presentation

Designing Effective Slides

Killer Examples

Seth Godin is a marketing guru who is also an engaging presenter; his talk is interesting, and so is his use of visuals to tell his story.

Larry Lessig is another great presenter; watch how he uses images, video and text to tell a powerful story.

Blog: Presentation Zen

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