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Plagiarism: Copyright

Learn how to avoid (and how to detect) plagiarism.

Copyright Introduction

The creator of an original work owns the "Copyright" for that work;  the right to make copies.  This applies to all types of original work:

  • Literary
  • Artistic
  • Musical
  • Dramatic

Copyright is automatic. It does not have to be applied for. The copyright symbol does not need to be displayed.

As a general guideline, copyright exists until the author or creator has been dead for 50 years.

Remember, just because a document or image is published (in print or on the internet), does not mean you have the right to copy it without proper attribution or permission.

Student and faculty photocopying is allowable within certain guidelines. For more details, see our:

Copyright Laws

Lesley Ellen Harris is well known for her work on Canadian Copyright and this is a RSS feed from her site.

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