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Plagiarism: Introduction

Plagiarism Resources for students and faculty


This guide is intended to bring together a number of useful resources related to Plagiarism.

Plagiarism at UFV

Plagiarism is a serious form of academic misconduct. UFV's Student Academic Misconduct Policy (70) provides details on definitions, policies, procedures and penalties for all forms of academic misconduct, including plagiarism.

Below is an excerpt from the UFV policy.

1.1 Plagiarism occurs when a student presents work or data as original when part, or whole, was written or composed by someone other than the student.

1.2  Plagiarism occurs when paragraphs, phrases, sentences or ideas are taken from another source without referring to or citing the author. It can include the presentation of all or part of another person's work as something one has written, paraphrasing another's writing without proper acknowledgement, or representing another's artistic or technical work or creation as one's own.

1.3 Any use of the work of others, whether published, unpublished, or posted electronically, attributed or anonymous, must include proper acknowledgement.

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