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Open Education Faculty Fellows: Profiles

Introduction to the Program

The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) Open Education Faculty Fellows (OEFF) program will support three short-term faculty projects that will create, develop, or modify open education resources to be used in UFV courses, as well as similar courses taught at other institutions. An OER Student Assistants program will fund one student position to assist with each of the three OEFF projects. The goal of this program is to support the growth of a vibrant and robust open education culture at UFV. The three inaugural faculty projects and their leads are profiled below.

Dr. Kseniya Garaschuk

Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

Calculus I and II for Life Sciences Coursepack

Fall 2021

This project will involve the compilation of coursepacks for MATH 111 (life sciences sections) and MATH 118. Coursepacks will be accompany custom version of open access Calculus For Life Sciences book by Leah Keshet and will consist of template lecture notes, short lecture videos for applications, graphical demonstrations, sample term tests and final exams, worksheets, small scale projects, group projects and capstone student projects. It will be complete with solutions to sample assessments as well as instructors’ manual, and supported by the creation of an online homework questions database.

Dr. Luisa Giles

Assistant Professor, School of Kinesiology

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and indigenization in Nutrition: Improving a nutrition OER for undergraduate students

Winter 2023

The purpose of this project is to modify an existing OER for 1st /2nd year nutrition courses (Hamm 2020) in the following ways: 1. Indigenize the OER; 2. Update the OER to ensure principles of EDI and an accessibility are met; and, 3. Update the content/organization of the OER to include more relevant, focused and in depth material. Accessible open education resources provide an opportunity to improve the quality of education by ensuring students have access to critical resources that can support their learning. Having an accessible resource goes beyond making the resource freely available but also considers the ways in which resources are designed to ensure that content can be accessed by everyone, irrespective of the barriers they face (e.g. physical, learning, language comprehension etc.), which is a key part of inclusive education. Ensuring that the open education resources are guided through an EDI and indigenization lens ensures that students see themselves in the material, which can help them better connect with their learning, and is a key step towards reconciliation.

Dr. Shaun Sun

Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

Web-based Statistical software application for Statistics Education and Statistical analysis

Winter/Summer 2022

This project will expand on the existing development of a collection of smart phone/web applets that assist teaching Statistics and Mathematics courses at UFV. This suite of applets will be expanded to include more functionality such as exploratory data analysis, statistical graphics and interactive data visualization.  This suite of applets will be turned into a web-based statistical software application to allow students to use their home computers instead of campus lab computers. The application is being built using the open source statistical computing language R and is web based.

The University of the Fraser Valley is situated on the traditional territory of the Stó:lō peoples. The Stó:lō have an intrinsic relationship with what they refer to as S’olh Temexw (Our Sacred Land), therefore we express our gratitude and respect for the honour of living and working in this territory.

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