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Copyright: Instructors

General Information

In addition to UFV's Copyright Compliance Policy, we have also implemented supporting documents: Copying Guidelines and Fair Dealing Requirements, which have been reviewed and updated to reflect current best practices and current federal legislation. 

In general, one is allowed to make a copy if:

  • the work being copied is in the public domain (meaning that the copyright term of protection has expired)
  • the copyright owner has explicitly indicated permission
  • the work to be copied is covered by a license that permits copying such as: Creative Commons licenses,  Open Access works, licenses that UFV has with the publisher of an electronic journal or book (applies to the Library`s electronic resources)
  • the copying is permitted by one of the exceptions in the Copyright Act, such as fair dealing or the right to use material that is freely available on the internet for the purposes of education, provided the source is identified

Please review the other webpages within this guide to find out more about copyright law and the exceptions available to you as an instructor or faculty member which grant you the right to use and distribute copyright materials under certain conditions.

Copying GuidelinesFair Dealing RequirementsElectronic CoursepacksCoursepacks & HandoutsUFV OnlinePrint ServicesPermissions


If you require assistance with verifying the copyright status of material you are using or help seeking copyright clearancefor teaching or research purposes, contact the Copyright Librarian

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