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HarvestIR License

All work submitted to HarvestIR must be accompanied by a signed license agreement:

Option 1. Use License Agreement 1.1 if you have no plans for future submissions:

Option 2: Use License Agreement 1.2M if you are submitting multiple works and/or plan to submit more work in the future:

Completed license agreements can be submitted via email, campus mail, attached to the online form on this guide, or in person.

Please contact the Copyright Librarian if you have questions about these license agreements:

What does this license mean?

Copyright at UFV

For general information on copyright, including use of licenced resources, photocopying, and fair dealing:

General Information

The Library is always actively seeking content submissions for HarvestIR.

If you have questions about submitting content, please contact the HarvestIR Administrator:

HarvestIR submissions must be accompanied by a copyright license. Under the terms of this standard license, authors/creators of the submission(s):

  • Grant UFV a non-exclusive license, meaning that they retain full copyright of their work, and may withdraw copyright permission at any time in the future.
  • Have the responsibility to communicate the conditions of their copyright license to individuals and organizations external to UFV who are involved with any aspect of the content production (e.g. research or project collaboration).
  • Have the responsibility to obtain written copyright permission allowing use of the content that is consistent with the license granted to UFV if published material from other parties is used in the work. This written permission usually comes from a publisher.
  • Acknowledge that the content is part of the consortial collection of the member institutions of the BC IR Network.

UFV will be granted the right to:

  • Make the work freely available on the internet through the IR. Subsequent uses by the public, including multiple copying and distribution, and commercial uses, will not be permitted without further permission from the creator.
  • Permanently archive the work using any necessary technological means, including transfer to any formats that exist or will exist.  UFV reserves the right to remove the work from the IR at a future date.
  • Keep permanent copies of the work in the IR and move it to any replacement or successor IR.

UFV will not have the right to:

  • Charge royalties for the use of the work.

Do note that authors and creators also have the right to negotiate changes to these terms prior to submission. Examples include implementing an embargo period or restricting access to UFV authorized users only.

If work has already been published elsewhere, copyright agreements with the publisher may prevent eligibility for submission to the UFV IR. Some publishers require that authors sign over full copyright as a condition of publication.

However, copyright agreements take many different forms, and work published elsewhere may still be eligible for submission to the UFV IR - especially if as an author, you retained the full rights to the work. And journal publisher policies often permit author versions of articles to be submitted to repositories.

To determine or clarify the copyright status of your work, please contact:



The HarvestIR license agreement is the equivalent of a CC BY-NC-ND Creative Commons license, and the item details may display this license. Those submitting work to the IR may consider applying a different Creative Commons license to their submitted work. The application of such a license will enable authors and creators to communicate to the general public additional terms of use for their work beyond the license agreement with UFV.

More information:

Submit Your Work

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