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Library Policies: Food & Drink

Food and Drink

For Fall Semester 2021, (while under COVID restrictions)

The purpose of this policy is to guide library users to:
•    adhere to COVID protocols
•    maintain cleanliness in the library;
•    prevent damage to collections, furnishings, and equipment; and
•    prevent food noise and odours from disrupting people and quiet study areas.

Main policy
Please help us provide a safe and respectful environment for all library users by following this policy.
Due to COVID, masks must now be worn at all times in the public areas of the library. As such:
•    only covered drinks are permitted and masks must be worn at all times except while actually drinking. 
•    eating food of any kind is not permitted  
Users are expected to dispose of their garbage. Please consult with library staff if you have spilled something.

Consequences of Non-compliance  
Patrons who refuse to comply with this policy will be asked to leave the library.

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