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Connect to Library Resources: OpenAthens

Learn about how you can connect to UFV library's resources.

A Change is Coming Fall 2022

Starting in Fall 2022, you will see some changes in how you access the library's licensed resources such as journals, e-books, streaming video and databases. We are moving to a service called OpenAthens. The first time you sign in, you'll need to do a tiny bit of setup, but after that you'll sign in pretty much the same way as now, but you'll be able to sign in from many different places, including Google, publisher websites, and more.

OpenAthens logo

How To Use OpenAthens

This video from Georgia Tech University shows you what OpenAthens will look like, including the first time you sign in.

Why the Change?

A Better Experience for You

There are many reasons why we're making this change, but first and foremost we believe that it will provide a better experience for you.

Our current authentication system (EZproxy) requires you to start at the library's web site or use a special web link to access the library's licensed resources, such as journals, e-books, streaming videos, and databases.

OpenAthens icon - line drawing of a Greek templeOpenAthens offers another route to authentication for many of our licensed resources; wherever you see the OpenAthens icon, you can use the Sign in via institution link. So whether you started with Google or Google Scholar, searched from your favourite journal or publisher's web site, or followed a link to a resource someone shared with you, you'll find it easier to access the resources.

Even better, once you've signed in, you'll be authenticated for the next 8 hours, no matter where you go on the web, even if you close your browser and open a new one several hours later. So when you want to access a different library resource,  you'll already be signed in.

Other Benefits

There are a number of other benefits, some for the library, and some for you. Here are a few of them:

  • When there's an unauthorized use of our licensed resources, we can pinpoint the source and block it, without affecting access for everyone else. That wasn't possible with EZproxy.
  • OpenAthens uses the same authentication system as other UFV resources, such a myUFV, myClass (Blackboard) and Outlook (email); this is a more modern, more secure authentication system than we are able to provide through EZproxy.
  • We can see how our resources are being used, so we can make more informed decisions about where to commit the library's limited resources.
  • We can open access to resources for groups like UFV Alumni, where our licenses permit. This is a future enhancement that we are looking forward to.

We're looking forward to this change, and to brining more information to you as we get closer to the switch. We'll keep EZproxy running until the end of March 2023, when we'll have made the full transition to OpenAthens.

What Do I Need To Do?

Just a Tiny Bit of Setup...

For most of you, you don't need to do anything except one small bit of setup, the first time you sign in. After that, you'll sign in just as you do for other UFV services such as Blackboard and Outlook.

Have You Created Permalinks?

Faculty who embed links to the library's resources into their Blackboard courses or other course materials will need to update the links to work with the new system. But don't worry - you can continue to use the links you've created through the Fall 2022 semester. But after March 31, 2023, those links will no longer work, so we encourage you to update the links for your Winter 2023 courses. But don't worry - if you want, we'll do it for you.

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