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Heritage Collection: About the Collection

About the Collection

The UFV Heritage Collection is a working collection of rare, unique and historically valuable material, consisting primarily of books and other material related to the people and communities of the Fraser Valley. This primarily published collection is intended to preserve and make available components of the historical record for researchers and the public.  Founded by librarian Anne Knowlan in 1988, the collection was given a home with a $2,000 donation to Fraser Valley College from the Chilliwack Rotary Club.  In the spring of 2011, the Heritage Collection was moved from the Chilliwack Campus library to the Abbotsford Campus library.

Pictorial History

The Reach P5233: View southeast along South Fraser Way from Fraser Ridge Apartments. Shows the Legion building, MSA Centennial Library, Jubilee Park, Model Motors, Village of Abbotsford office/fire hall. Used with permission.

Source: The Reach P5233

VPL #964: Men in a boat on flooded Fraser River between Harrison and Hatzic - C.P.R. line out

Source: VPL Special Collections, Historical Photographs,#964

The Reach P1233: Fordson Locomotive, loaded with logs for the Rnad Mill. George White on the load of logs, other three men unidentified. Used with permission.

Source: The Reach P1233

The Reach P1029: Haying on Charlie Keeping's farm. Used with permission.

Source: The Reach P1029

The Reach P1788: Last CPR train over the bridge. Rail service was suspended pre-flood for safety reasons and during the flood the south span of the bridge was washed out. Service would not resume until August 1949. Used with permission.

Source: The Reach P1788

Accessing the Collection

The following are the guidelines for accessing Heritage Collection Materials which are located in the Abbotsford Campus library:

  • Staff will always check the catalogue to see if we have a circulating copy of the title requested. If there is a circulating copy, you will be asked to use this copy instead, since our goal with this collection is to ensure its long term preservation.
  • There may be times when we are short on staff to retrieve requested items (i.e. evening or weekends).  You can make an appointment to view Heritage items during times when we have more staff available to help.  Please use our: Reference Request Form (see link below)
  • You will be asked to provide a drivers’ license or student card, which will be kept by staff while the Heritage item(s) are being used.
  • A form must be filled out for each item used. If you are not a student or a community borrower, you will be asked to provide your name and address instead.
  • Heritage items must be used with staff supervision. You must remain at the designated desk space at the Information Desk to use Heritage items.
  • Each item will be checked when it is returned to ensure it is in the same condition as when it was given to you.

Note: If faculty desire to spend some time in Heritage Room they may do so if a librarian is available to go into the room with them.  It may be necessary to make an appointment. Contact or ext. 4410.

Handling the Collection

The following are the procedures for handling items in the collection:

  • The collection is stored in closed stacks.  All items are available for the public to consult.
  • Heritage materials can only be used in the library because they are rare, unique, or hard to replace.  In many cases, there are circulating copies of Heritage titles; patrons should use these copies first.
  • Only pencil may be used when using Heritage materials because ink is indelible.  Pencils are available if needed.
  • Photocopying is not permitted, though digital photography is.  Copyright limits still apply; consult the UFV Guide to Copyright for clarification.
  • Patrons must wear gloves to view very fragile material because oil from hands can permanently mark and shorten the life of paper.
  • Only early print copies of newspapers may be viewed without gloves as gloves can sometimes cause thin paper to crumble.
  • Heritage materials must not be marked in any way.  Please do not use paper clips, post-it notes, or tracing paper; also, do not inset paper inside materials when taking notes.
  • Finally, we do realize that limitations on use are an inconvenience, but we have the difficult task of encouraging use of the materials while protecting them for future users.  We are sure that you will recognize and appreciate that the materials are here for your use because others in years past made the effort to preserve them for you.
  • Additional information about the storage and handling of special collections' materials can be found here :

Donations to the Heritage Collection

Donations to the Heritage Collection are a true gift of knowledge.  Donations not only help us broaden and enrich the collection, they also help us replace damaged titles too.  Gifts to the collection follow the policy outlined in the Collection Development Policy for the UFV Library. See "collection of policies in special areas, section 5 - Heritage Collection", on page 5 of the policy.

What the Heritage Collection needs:

  • books
  • videos
  • microfilms of newspapers and other serial publications
  • theses
  • ephemera such as pamphlets and maps
  • diaries and memoirs
  • gifts of money to purchase needed resources


Your gifts to the Heritage Collection are tax deductible.

For More Information

Please contact Brenda Philip for research questions regarding the Heritage Collection.

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