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Newman Western Canadian Cookbook Collection: Conservation & Preservation Info.

A Special Collection of culinary titles from the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia as well as the Yukon and Northwest Territories.


Preservation:The protection of cultural property through activities that minimize chemical and physical deterioration and damage and that prevent loss of informational content. The primary goal of preservation is to prolong the existence of cultural property.1

Conservation: The profession devoted to the preservation of cultural property for the future. Conservation activities include examination, documentation, treatment, and preventive care, supported by research and education.2

What is preservation? (2006) In Preservation 101. Retrieved from:

Handling the Collection

The following are the procedures for handling items in the collection:

  • The collection is stored in closed stacks.  All items are available for the public to consult.
  • Heritage materials can only be used in the library because they are rare, unique, or hard to replace.  In many cases, there are circulating copies of Heritage titles; patrons should use these copies first.
  • Only pencil may be used when using Heritage materials because ink is indelible.  Pencils are available if needed.
  • Photocopying is not permitted, though digital photography is.  Copyright limits still apply; consult the UFV Guide to Copyright for clarification.
  • Patrons must wear gloves to view very fragile material because oil from hands can permanently mark and shorten the life of paper.
  • Only early print copies of newspapers may be viewed without gloves as gloves can sometimes cause thin paper to crumble.
  • Heritage materials must not be marked in any way.  Please do not use paper clips, post-it notes, or tracing paper; also, do not inset paper inside materials when taking notes.
  • Finally, we do realize that limitations on use are an inconvenience, but we have the difficult task of encouraging use of the materials while protecting them for future users.  We are sure that you will recognize and appreciate that the materials are here for your use because others in years past made the effort to preserve them for you.
  • Additional information about the storage and handling of special collections' materials can be found here :

Preservation of the Heritage Collection

                                                                      The Heritage Collection is a small collection of primarily published titles about the people and places of the Fraser Valley.  UFV Library adds to this collection as titles become available through purchase or donation.  The staff take care to house the collection in a climate controlled closed stacks area (staff only have access).  Principles of preservation are employed to ensure our users have access to the collection for the long term.

Book & Paper Conservation

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